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Do you want more than just a one-off session? Have you got ambitions to participate in the Olympics? Or are you just looking for a fun and sporting activity for a shorter or longer time? Our beginners’ course could be just the thing for you.

In this 4-week course you will get curling instruction from one of our members for an hour each week and after the second week you will also be invited to take part in the games with the other members during the rest of the evening.

Beginners’ course Juniors (< 18 years old)

€ 10,- per person

During this course you will get to know the sport and the club. In 4 one-hour lessons you will learn the basics of curling, so that on the final evening you can play a game of curling with the other junior members of the club.

The junior practices are from 19.30 – 20.30 hours. The course costs € 10,-. And your parents can also take part in our beginners’ course for that same amount (10 euros)!

If you are interested or have any questions contact us.

Beginners’ course for adults

€ 25,- per person

This course is on the first 4 Thursdays of any month from 19.30 – 20.30 hours. To get to know more about the club and its members you are invited to play curling with the other members after the lesson on the 3rd and 4th evening from 20.30 – 22.15 hours. And after that we usually have a drink together!

The course costs € 25,- per person. A limited number of people can take part, so don’t wait, act now!

If you are interested or have any questions contact us.


If you are interested or have any questions contact us. Or register for the beginners’ course by filling out the following form:

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